thesis committee (TC) and tracking progress toward the degree

Guidelines for Thesis Committee meeting and progress report in ILS
updated 16.11.2016

Summary (download the full instructions here):

The purpose of the Thesis Committee is to improve the quality of research and research training. The committee members act as mentors to the doctoral candidate throughout the project, and both guide and support the doctoral candidate in research and studies, in selecting the right courses, in career planning and in many kinds of emerging situations where support and direction is needed. All interactions within the Thesis Committee are to be considered confidential. Membership in the thesis committee is a position of trust, aiming to guide the doctoral candidate throughout his/her PhD studies.

Thesis Committee meetings are arranged annually throughout the thesis work and aim to:

  • ensure that the project is scientifically valid and suitable for a PhD project
  • ensure that the student’s coursework supports the PhD project and provides the expected skills
  • evaluate the progress and future plans of the PhD project including overseeing the timely graduation of the student

Submitting the annual thesis committee report is compulsory to all ILS students. Failure to submit the thesis committee meeting report will detach the student for one year from any ILS benefits such as the possibility to apply for a travel grant.

Thesis Committee Members
The Thesis Committee includes at least two external members. The external members of the Thesis Committee are suggested by the student and accepted by the doctoral program. The external members should have substantial knowledge of the field of the project in order to be able to give critical comments and to estimate the ongoing project's potential to result in thesis defense. The aim is that the external members later act as the student's thesis reviewers. The student and supervisor can suggest changes in the composition of the Thesis Committee.
The doctoral candidate selects the thesis committee members during the first year of doctoral studies. The members must fulfill the criteria set by the ILS board and available as a checklist for selecting the thesis committee members.
ILS board approves the thesis committee members together with the first progress report.

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