Applying for a right to pursue a doctoral degree, ILS Doctoral Program

The application periods during the academic year 2017 - 2018 are 1-14.9.2017 and 3-16.4.2018.

University of Helsinki's general information on doctoral training and applying for doctoral studies:

The degree requirements of the Doctoral programme are summarized as:

  • Doctoral thesis
  • Scientific content studies (30 ECTS)
  • Transferable skills (10 ECTS)

The application form is electronic and is open only during the application period. The application may be prepared in advance according to the following instructions.

  • Supervisor – A prospective student should agree with his/her PhD thesis project supervision with a PI prior to applying to ILS. The applicant is in charge of contacting researchers. An updating list of potential ILS supervisors is listed here. The list is non-exclusive and updated regularly. However, all PIs affiliated in the University of Helsinki can supervise the students’ thesis work in ILS provided that the thesis project falls within the integrative life science research areas. Supervisor helps in drawing up your research- and study plans.


  • Research plan – The research plan is an important part of the application and it should be composed according to the instructions. Detailed instructions will be available later.


  • Study plan – Study plan is made according to the Doctoral programme’s degree requirements.   Theoretical studies should be planned the way it support the research work according to the Doctoral Programme's degree requirements.

Required documents:

  • Degree diplomas – The officially certified copies of the degree diplomas must be delivered to the admission services by the end of the application period. More detailed information is in the UH web-pages.
  • Language certificate – The language certificate must be delivered to the admission services by the end of application period. More detailed information is in the UH web-pages.

Admission criteria

  • Motivation and CV of the applicant, success in previous studies
  • Demonstration of adequate knowledge in relevant fields and potential of the applicant to develop into an independent researcher
  • Scientific relevance and ambition of the research plan, use of relevant methodology
  • Thematic fit of the research plan with the doctoral programme profile
  • Funding plan and feasibility of the thesis project within the intended timeframe (net time 4 years)
  • Supervisory and follow-up of progress arrangements, quality of the research environment 

In addition, the doctoral programme may organize an interview or an entrance exam.

Information about the application process and e.g. qualification and certifying a degree diploma is in the University of Helsinki web-pages