ILS Board 2013–2017

The tasks and duties of the board based on the Rector's decision RP141/2013 stating (translated and accommodated to ILS with several faculties):

  1. Handle applications to join ILS made by applicants for UH doctoral studies, organize if needed an exam and interview and make a proposal (with grounds) to faculties on applicants to be chosen
  2. Plan and develop the programs curriculum
  3. Decide on principles of national/international collaboration
  4. Other tasks relating to the programs operations
Sarah Butcher, research director
(Institute of Biotechnology)

Susanna Fagerholm,
Team leader, Institute of Biotechnology,
Sampsa Hautaniemi, professor
(Faculty of Medicine)
Ville Hietakangas, assistant professor
(Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Institute of Biotechnology)
Päivi Ojala
K.Albin Johansson Research Professor
(Finnish Cancer Institute and Institute of Biotechnology)
Juha Partanen, professor
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Tuomo Hartonen, student member
(Research Programs Unit, voted independently by students)

Due to resignations of three board members during 2014-2015 the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences has made changes in the ILS board. The resigned members, Ykä Helariutta, Tomi Mäkelä and Hannes Lohi are all warmly acknowledged by the ILS students and PI’s represented by the board for their excellent work and valuable contribution during the early steps of ILS.

New members Päivi Ojala, Susanna Fagerholm, and Juha Partanen were selected by the Faculty in February 9th. On February 27th 2015 the ILS board selected Ville Hietakangas as the new director for the program and Päivi Ojala as the new vice director. The new board is committed to continue the active development of high standard training activities.