Research Areas represented by the ILS principal investigators

A PhD student in ILS must have a Supervisor who is committed to instruct the thesis work and contribute to ILS curriculum. The PI’s who have given their contact information are listed below categorized roughly within the research areas represented in ILS. The list is non-exclusive and updated regularly.

All PIs affiliated in the University of Helsinki can supervise the students’ thesis work in ILS provided that the thesis project falls within the integrative life science research areas. A prospective student should agree with his/her PhD thesis project supervision with a PI prior to applying to ILS. 

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Note: the ILS research areas are not limited to the ones indicated here and new areas are strongly encouraged!

Proteomics and Metabolomics

Marc Baumann
Pathophysiology of Misfolding disorders, Clinical Proteomics and Systems Proteomics, Nanobiology
Tuula Nyman
Cell Signalling Networks in Activation of Innate Immunity
Markku Varjosalo
Systems Biology of the human kinases and transcription factors

Genetics and Genomics

Magnus Andersson
Genetics and genomics of reproductive diseases including also stillbirth and malformations
Petri Auvinen
Genomics, functional genomics and metagenomics of prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Mikael Brosche
Natural variation and plant stress responses
David Fewer
Natural product discovery from bacteria using a combination of genomics and analytical chemistry.
Ville Hietakangas
Nutrient sensing mechanisms and their role in the control of energy metabolism and growth
Iiris Hovatta

Genetic and neurobiological basis of anxiety disorders using mouse and human genomic approaces
Jaakko Kangasjärvi
Plant genomics
Hannele Laivuori
Genetics of common obstetric disorders
Hannes Lohi
Comparative animal genomics
Minna Katariina Nyström
Cancer genetics and epigenetics
Tapio Palva
Genetics and genomics of plant-pathogen interactions, plant innate immunity
Päivi Peltomäki
Epigenetic and genetic basis of common human cancers using hereditary cancer syndromes as a shortcut
Minna Pirhonen
Genomics and transcriptomics of host-pathogen interactions between bacteria and plants.
Alexander Plyusnin
Genetics and evolution of viruses
Samuli Ripatti
Statistical genetics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology
Janna Saarela
Genetics of human immune disorders
Päivi Saavalainen
Genetics and immunopathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases
Alan Schulman
Retrotransposon-driven plant genome and epigenome dynamics; genomics of plant traits
Henna Tyynismaa
Genetics and molecular mechanisms of translation diseases

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Developmental Biology and Physiology
Mikko Airavaara
Finding New Ways For Neuroprotection and Neurorestoration: Focus On Stroke and Parkinson's Disease
Jaan-Olle Andressoo
Development of a method opposite to gene knock out-studies on effects of elevating endogenous genes
Nicolas Di-Poi
Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regeneration in non-mammalian vertebrates
Kristian Donner
Retinal mechanisms underlying basic aspects of visual performance in humans and other animals
Paula Elomaa
Plant developmental biology, flower and inflorescence development, plant biotechnology
Tapio Heino
Neurotrophic factors in Drosophila
Antti Iivanainen
Normal development and developmental disorders in domestic animals
Anna Kärkönen
Plant cell wall biosynthesis with special emphasis on lignin biosynthesis
Satu Kuure
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of renal differentiation
Sari Lauri
Signaling mechanisms guiding functional maturation of glutamatergic synapses in the brain
Ari Pekka Mähönen
Cambium development in Arabidopsis thaliana root
Frederic Michon
Maturation and differentiation of dental and corneal stem cells
Marja Mikkola
Molecular and cellular regulation of epithelial morphogenesis using mouse as a model
Juha Partanen
Genetic control of neuronal differentiation in the developing brain.
Mart Saarma
We study structure, biology and therapeutic potential of neurotrophic factor proteins
Isaac Salazar
I develop theories and models about the interdependence between development and the evolution.
Hannu Sariola
Inductive signalling in kidney morphogenesis, disruption of developmental, disease mechanisms
Osamu Shimmi
Spatiotemporal regulation of signaling molecules and tissue morphogenesis
Tarja Stenberg
Molecular mechanisms of sleep
Irma Thesleff
Development and regeneration of teeth
Juha Voipio
Molecular and ionic mechanisms of neuronal signaling, ionic plasticity mechanisms, electrophysiology

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Cell and Molecular Biology

Tero Ahola
Cell biology and molecular mechanisms of RNA virus replication.
Fred Asiegbu
Our focus is on determination of molecular mechanisms used by phytopathogenic fungi to cause disease
Brendan Battersby
We investigate the mechanisms coordinating mitochondrial homeostasis and their role in human disease
Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen
Biogenesis and maturation of autophagosomes. Functions of lysosomal membrane proteins.
Susanna Fagerholm
Leukocyte adhesion in health and disease
Mikko Frilander
Regulation of gene expression by pre-mRNA splicing. Genomics related to gene expression regulation.
Erkki Hölttä
Identification of genes/proteins involved in the invasion and metastasis of human melanomas
Henri Huttunen
Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, focus on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
Howard Jacobs
Mitochondrial metabolism and disease
Eija Jokitalo

Endoplasmic reticulum structure and dynamics
Denis Kainov
Modulators of immune responses
Pekka Katajisto
Stem cells and aging
Ayman Khattab
Immune evasion in malaria: surface variant antigens, host-parasite and host-vector interaction
Juha Klefström
Breast Cancer Signalling Pathways and Therapeutic Intervention
Jyrki Kukkonen
orexins (including drug discovery, diagnostics etc.), G-protein-coupled receptors, lipid signaling
Sergey Kuznetsov
DNA repair-related mechanisms of breast cancer.
Pekka Juhani Lappalainen
Regulation of actin and plasma membrane dynamics in animal cells
Sanna Lehtonen
Pathophysiological mechanisms of diabetic nephropathy
Dan Lindholm
Growth factor signaling with focus on ER stress pathways and mitochondria dynamics in human disease.
Tomi Mäkelä
Kinase signaling linking metabolism and growth
Kristiina Maria Mäkinen
Molecular mechanisms underlying Potato virus A infection.
Satu Mustjoki
Genetics, pathomechanisms and targeted therapy of hematological malignancies and immunology
Päivi Ojala
Molecular mechanisms of cancer development and lymphatic reprogramming
Anne-Maria Pajari
Role of nutrients in the development of colorectal cancer
Elina Roine
Structure and function of prokaryotic viruses.
Kalle Saksela
Prptein interactions in virus-host interplay
Mikael Skurnik
Molecular microbiology, virulence factors, bacteriophages and phage therapy
Päivi Tammela
Bioassay development and screening in drug discovery
Jari Valkonen
Virology, molecular mechanisms of defence against pathogens in plants
Tea Vallenius
Roles of actin fibers in regulating E-cadherin and integrin based adhesions
Olli Vapalahti
Zoonotic viruses: molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and disease associations
Maria Kristina Vartiainen
Actin as an organizer of gene expression: actin in transcriptional regulation and nuclear actin
Emma Verschuren
Cancer biology, Translational biology, Models of cancer
Anu Wartiovaara
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Benita Westerlund-Wikström
Molecular bacteria-host interactions

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Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Tero Aittokallio
Computational systems medicine
Sampsa Hautaniemi
Computational method development and applications to biomedical and clinical data
Liisa Holm
Computational genomics
Antti Honkela
Probabilistic modelling for bioinformatics and computational systems biology, RNA-seq, metagenomics
Reijo Käkelä
Functional lipidomics - from cells to body and from species to ecosystems
Ari Löytynoja
Computational sequence analysis and methods development
Veli Mäkinen
Algorithmic bioinformatics for high-throughput sequencing applications
Esko Ukkonen
Computational models of gene regulation; biological sequence analysis; de novo sequencing

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Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology
Dennis Bamford
How the viral universe is constructed
Sarah Butcher
Visualizing virology and nanotechnology
Jukka Finne
Polysialic acid and its regulation in neuroblastoma cells
Carl Gahmberg
The group works on leukocyte and neuronal adhesion i.e. integrin signaling and generation of memory.
Adrian Goldman
The structure, function and mechanism of cell-integral and associated systems.
Klaus Hedman
Emerging human viruses - pathogenesis and innovative diagnosis
Hideo Iwai
Protein Splicing and Related phenomena for  Protein Engineering
Tommi Kajander
Structural biology and function of neuronal receptors and adhesion proteins.
Hanna Oksanen
Molecular details of prokaryotic viruses
Ville Paavilainen
Probing co-translational protein secretion with small-molecu...
Perttu Permi
Application of NMR spectroscopy for studying structure, dynamics and interactions of biomolecules
Minna Poranen
Replication complexes of dsRNA viruses