FinBioNet - Finnish Graduate School Network in Life Sciences is a national network of doctoral training in biosciences and health sciences. Its purpose is to promote research training cooperation and to coordinate research courses. Its infrastructure is financed by the Academy of Finland and it is coordinated by the University of Helsinki.

The Finnish Graduate School system was started in 1995 by the Ministry of Education to improve the quality and effectiveness of research and research training. There are now 25 doctoral programs in health sciences/biotechnology in Finland. They offer 4-year research training programmes leading to the MD/PhD degree. Research training consists of thesis research and 30-60 ECTS of formal studies.

If you have anything to ask about Finnish Graduate School Network in Life Sciences, please contact anita.tienhaara(at)

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CancerBio Summer School 2015
April 2-May 19, Biomedicum Helsinki

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Novartis International BioCamp 2015 – Apply now!
August 23 – 26, 2015 in Basel, Switzerland
The Novartis International Biotechnology Leadership Camp (BioCamp) brings together selected top students from science and business universities from around the world. Read more »

National Group for Doctoral Students in Finland. Doctoral Students in Finland are unorganized and there is not good national representation. To discuss all things PhD, join in Facebook.


FinBioNet PhD Symposia

October 2012
Revolutionary Bioscience - from Advanced Technologies to Personalized Medicine

November 2011
Five Senses and Science

September 2010
Visionary Science

June 2009
Rovaniemi and Oulu
Mouse as a Model Organism
– From Animals to Cells

November 2007
Science and Society

October 2006
Life Sciences in Today´s Society

October 2005
Life and Science

August 2004
Interaction & Networks in Biology